MP Dog Food

Primal Practices in a Modern World


Dogs descended from wolves – all 400 breeds. Wolves are carnivores. Ergo, dogs remain carnivores. The very best nutrition for your beloved dog is one based on their ancestral diet of muscle meat, organs, and bones.

A portion of the proceeds from MP Inherently Good, Raw Food for Dogs will be donated in loving memory of Angel – help be a voice for the voiceless, and end dog fighting.

Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Vegetables are Fillers… Period.

Feeding species-inappropriate foods is a way to add fillers to your pet’s food that offer no nutritional value. MP Inherently Good, Raw Food for Dogs never uses any additives or fillers.

We feed a variety of proteins to maximize nutrition, add minerals because we all know our soil is depleted and it’s likely the protein sources your dog is ingesting may have lacked said minerals, and feed organ meats for fat soluble vitamins.

Making the Switch

It’s easy to switch your pet to raw food – go cold turkey. Simply stop giving them any sort of kibble or treats, or anything cooked or processed. In fact, trying to feed a little of both can be harmful because those two foods digest at different rates and can allow for microbes to form that can make your dog ill. If you decide to make the switch to MP Inherently Good, Raw Food for Dogs, I will take your left over kibble and donate it to the humane society on your behalf.

Is it Affordable

The expense is relative when you no longer have to take your pets to the vet to have their anal glands expressed, or their teeth cleaned, or for flea prevention, or for meds. That being said, I strive to keep it affordable for everyone because I truly believe this is the optimal way to feed a canine (felines, too) and I love dogs (usually more than people).

Is Feeding Raw Safe

The FDA recently released an article stating that “salmonella is not harmful to dogs”. The acidity level in the canine stomach is very high creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Be sure to exercise basic hygiene practices: wash your hands, and keep surfaces clean to protect yourself.